Jackson started making one of one garments for himself due to dissatisfaction to what the market had to offer, in term of style which he preferred – he thought that things were compromised on an aesthetic level or quality control. That resulted into a passion project of fabric and thread storytelling. We produce garments that give you more than just a nice outfit, we give you a feeling and meaning to an item. Every garment is treated liked an art piece, a moment in time but still be able to maintain timelessness.


Jackson broken down to an acronym producing JKSN,

JKSN, — Juxtaposing KiLLing Self Nature.
A natural self is metaphysically dependent on the body from which its states emerge & upon which they supervene, & it survives no longer than the body does; but it does not have the
same identity conditions as the body, & neither are the mental states of the self-reducible to physical stares of the body. Meaning Jackson is more than a vessel but: “natural sell & existence is reduced to a vessel. That which is external dictates that which is internal but that which is internal I used & identified as a persona instead of what’s external.

Comma [,]

A comma & it is representation is our way & form of manifesting success and wealth, i.e KiLL

Commas [KiLL,]

States |

States is Jackson’s” last name. Which represents a sense of identity as every piece IS created as a form of self-expression. Making it about Jackson” is the only way it makes

JKSN, States |

With every garment or JKSN, States | piece – it is an art piece & I give a piece of myself away. From me to You.

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